Who is undertaking the study?


This study is being undertaken by researchers from The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, UNSW, Monash University, Macquarie University, Curtin University, and our other partner organisations. PARTNER is funded by a 3-year NHMRC partnership grant (APP1115720) of the Australian Government, and is co-funded by our Private Health Insurer partner organisations; Medibank Better Health Foundation, nib Health Funds and Bupa Australia. We are receiving further in-kind support, resources and services from Arthritis Australia,  Precedence Health Care and HealthChange Australia.

How do I benefit from participating?


By participating in the study you will:

  1. Have support from a specialised allied health team (CST) to help you manage your patient’s knee OA.

  2. Receive an update on the current best practice for OA management.

  3. Receive free cdmNET  software and training.

Can I refer my patients to other services while they are participating in PARTNER?


Yes, you always retain clinical control and make any clinical decisions that you feel are appropriate for your patients. If you feel your patient requires further support you are welcome to discuss it with the CST, or organise as appropriate.

What is cdmNet?


cdmNet is a network of on-line computing services designed to help GPs, practice nurses and other healthcare providers to manage chronic diseases. cdmNet is endorsed by the RACGP as the preferred e-Health solution for managing chronic disease. The software has a mechanism for GPs to refer patients to the PARTNER CST, and to receive feedback from the study.

*The use of cdmNet software is mandatory for all practices allocated to intervention arm.

Can I use cdmNet for other patients?


The cdmNet software and training are provided free as part of your involvement in the study (if you are allocated to the intervention group). There may be some additional costs if you elect to use the program for other patients in your practice. This can be discussed with Precedence Health Care during training, or independently.

Who are the PARTNER stakeholders?

The PARTNER study has been designed with input from a broad range of stakeholders, including consumers, GPs, physiotherapists, rheumatologists, nurses, behaviour change experts, policy makers, health insurers and consumer advocates.

How am I billing my patients?


If you are agreeable, we request that patients’ initial visits to you be bulk billed through Medicare. Subsequent visits will be billed as per your usual practice. Some patients may be eligible to have a Team Care Arrangement (TCAs) with you for visits to an allied health provider. This is at your discretion.

What will be my patient's involvement?


Patients over 45 years of age with knee pain for more than 3 months will be invited to the screening process. Enrolled patients will be asked to complete online surveys relating to their general health and wellbeing and around their knee pain.

If your general practice is randomised into the PARTNER model group (intervention) your patients will receive the CST support package of care for 12 months. If you are randomised to the control group, your patients will receive your usual care for 12 months.

Who are the PARTNER principal investigators?
  • Professor David Hunter, The University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute

  • Professor Kim Bennell, The University of Melbourne

  • Professor Rana Hinman, the University of Melbourne

  • Associate Professor Marie Pirotta, The University of Melbourne

  • Professor Nicholas Zwar, UNSW

  • Professor Deborah Schofield, Macquarie University

  • Professor Andrew Forbes, Monash University

  • Professor Andrew Briggs, Curtin University

  • Professor Simon French, Macquarie University

  • Dr Stephen Bunker, Medibank

  • Dr Thorlene Egerton, The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Jocelyn Bowden, The University of Sydney

  • Dr Jessica Kasza, Monash University

PARTNER study trial registration (ACTRN1261700159530)

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